Mike and Me - Episode 3

Mike and I have been a team for a year now. It was a year ago today that I first met this goofy little pup that would change my life. 

I can remember that morning vividly, awaiting a van to pull around the corner and meet the adventure I was about to embark on. This adventure came to me in a 14 lb package, that grew in into a 78 lb companion, team mate, buddy and so much more. 

The first task on the agenda was to bond with my dog. This was a fairly easy task as Mike liked to pee alot and I didn't like to clean up messes in the house. This made for very many walks each day; his tiny bladder on a mission. Mike gradually started following me around the house everywhere I went. My little shadow. Except, he was also really good at getting into things everytime we went into another room. He certainly kept me on my toes, and still does. 

But, what does this all mean for me? It has been a year of growth and fear. I have experienced more triggers than I would have thought, and yet Mike was always there to let me know it is ok to not be perfect. I have so many stories of how he has helped me, I can feel safe in the world. 

If you have read any of my previous posts, you would know a little of my past. The world scares me and I am hyper vigilant about a lot of day to day events. What does it feel like when you go grocery shopping. For me, my mind races and I think of what to say if someone tries to talk to me. I mean, what if I say something stupid? Then I would want to run away and never set foot in that grocery store for fear of ridicule.  But, with Mike I am much calmer and actually able to shop. I talk to him, and let him know that all is good; this is self assurance for me as well. I don't have to come home from being out in the big world each day and run away in retreat. I stand firm. 

This past year has been a lot of hard work. The training is daily and each month I see more and more improvement. It is exciting to know we have been in this together from the start.