Bringing Clarity

May 2020 Bring Clarity to Your Hearts' Vision

If I wrote fortune cookies, this title would be an epic one. Or at least I think so. Let's dwell a moment in our hearts. Look inside yourself and challenge that this next year you will own it. 

I sat before the keyboard, poised to let all my thoughts flow forth. I imagined one person, a single soul, reading the words that threw themselves on the page. And then I stopped because I didn't know where I wanted to take my reader. 

I can take my reader to the beach with warm sun beating down on their faces, as tine droplets of perspiration speckle their skin from the kiss of the hot sun. The waves speaking of mystery in the deep and calm in a storm. 

Shall we go mountain climbing? Let's breath in the crisp air that holds the whisper of clouds in the skies above us. The sky a soft blue that beckons us to round the next ridge to only have our breath taken away by the beauty before us. The sharp edges of rock beckoning us to cling to it.

Getting lost in a story is not where I am this morning. I am looking toward a new year with the excitement of fresh wonder and adventure, with 20/20 vision. I am planning that this time next year I will be writing about adventures of 2020 as I continue to make each day a success. 

I choose this year to be the year that the I look out on the horizon and see my hearts' desire come to fruition. This takes planning, and I realized in the past I have been afraid to plan, hesitant about my own future. I need to remember though, my future is where God leads me and I follow. I lay my life before my Lord and surrender.

I surrender because I have no control and I must learn that that is alright. I don't have to get things perfect, I don't always have to be right. I choose love and grace in my heart. But, above all, I choose growth.

It's funny how so many of us make a resolution for the new year, or a few. We want to eat healthier, get in shape, save money, travel. Yet we continue to live our lives and those resolutions fall the the weigh side. Time to brush ourselves off and start again when that happens. We don't have to wait for a day on the calendar, we don't have to target our hearts' desire. Make the change and if you slip, make it again, and again. Don't wait for 2021 to push the reset button, you have that ability each and every day regardless of the numbers on a calendar. 


  1. Very well said, turning it over is the most difficult and easiest thing to do. I know, thank you for still being my lighthouse

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