You may be like some people and your motivation comes from a deadline. All of a sudden you start to see the deadline looming in front of you and although your procrastination skills are at their best, you start to sweat thinking about getting that small task completed. I'm not referring to something like cleaning the bathroom or washing the walls, this task is important.

Motivation is the general desire of willingness to do something, to accomplish task. But, what if there was something sabotaging this feeling of willingness and desire? Motivation doesn't come in a carton to be scooped out and served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce; kinda wish it did!

The two primary types of motivation are intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from us internally. It can come from the need to be accepted, curiosity, asserting ones self in social situations, or acquired social status. A person might find them selves being motivated to attend the office gathering, or social events. I might see this as somewhat selfish behavior, and motivation is therefore very contained and stressful for me.

Then there is extrinsic motivation. This is the person that drags themselves out of bed each day to go to a job they don't enjoy just for the reward of a paycheck. This motivation comes from the outside, rewarding the individual. I found myself at this juncture prior to COVID-19. In fact, I am still attempting to complete this blog on motivation six months after first starting it. How is that for motivation? 

So what is motivating me now? I think it is the fact that I have been struggling to find any sort of motivation after the new year. It has been quite a year for all of us. I was functioning off of extrinsic motivation and not even finding the paycheck rewarding. I have decided that I want to be self motivated; this is a very important skill one can possess. This will hopefully manifest into a regular blog and connecting to more people. In fact, let's all get motivated and make those dreams a reality!