Like a Boss

This past month with the crown has open my eyes to so much. I have felt myself become more confidant, ready to be a part of the world around me. There were many times I shook inside and thought about what people perceived as I walked in with a crown on my head. I thought about my flaws.

Look closely at the crown, do you see any flaws? It shines so brightly in the sunshine. Last Sunday I was wearing the crown and a lady stopped me and asked if she could take a picture of the crown. As she took the picture, this sweet lady told me not to move, as she positioned me to catch the sun, bursting through the trees, shining the crown on my head. She said, "that is absolutely beautiful"; then she looked me in the eye and said
"you are beautiful". I felt the words flow through me. I felt emotion flow through me. I was overwhelmed, but I stood there embracing the words and holding them close to my heart. I may have flaws in someone else eyes, but that is not for me to dwell on, I am perfectly made.

I have spend too long looking at myself in a way that I thought other people saw me. I am quite enjoying seeing myself the way I am loving myself. We may all think we are flawed, but others don't see that. I am finding my way out of the fog, and into confidence that is real. Sometimes

I think I could have been a really good actress the way I can put myself into situations and pretend. I'm ready to embrace me for who God made me to be; even if a do have a small gem that has fallen off. After a few days, I picked up that tiny gem, held it to the sunlight, and it was still shining. So I put it back where it belonged. And no one even noticed.

...... then one day I looked in the mirror and said, "Wow. After all the hurts, bruises, and everything I've been through, I made it. I survived, and I am stronger." So, I straightened my crown and walked away. Like a boss.